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AFX Industries was founded with the goal of becoming the selected source for hard sewn products to the automotive marketplace.

Our mission is simple, to provide world class quality, service and delivery at the lowest possible cost

AFX is a privately held, independent supplier of leather and leather-like interior components. AFX has the ability to injection-mold, hand-sew, machine-sew and hand-wrap all types of interior components. This includes, but is not limited to, steering wheels, automatic shift knobs, shift boots, park brake handles, armrests, console lids and instrument panels. AFX also has the ability to supply die cut leather sets for seating and other applications.

Our manufacturing facility is conveniently located next to the US-Mexican border in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. AFX specializes in the ability to provide superb quality and quick return times on prototype parts and pre-production requirements. Contact us early in your design timeline so we can help you design your part for leather or leather-like coverage.

AFX Industries molding department focuses on interior trim application including class A surfaces. Machine size ranges from 85 through 400 ton. AFX offers insert molding, assembly of components, sonic welding, management out-sourced tooling, graining, paint and chrome finishes.  Part applications molded at AFX include, manual and automatic shift knobs, parking brake handles, shift boot components and other interior parts.

AFX has significant experience in the hand wrap, machine-sew and injection molding industries. All of our management staff has experience in hand wrapping ranging from 10 to 30 years, with an approximate average of 20 years. Given our experience and focus, AFX has the proven ability to meet the most demanding customer requirements on a wide range of interior components. Please contact us today to find out how AFX can help you meet your manufacturing goals!